How long does it take to ship?
Our product is shipped directly from our warehouse in Sydney via courier. For Sydney metro customers we typically deliver the following business day after receiving your order. We do not deliver to a PO Box address.
Why use and EZ Pad?

The EZ Pad spa pad provides a solid level foundation base that evenly distributes the weight of the spa. This is required for warranty compliance and for optimal performance of the jests and filtration system. All that is necessary to install the EZ Pad is a level well-drained area

What is The EZ Pad made of and has it been tested?

The EZ Pad is made of high density polyethylene plastic engineered and third party tested to withstand temperatures from -28°C to +60°C and to support 24T per square metre.

How do I prepare my site for EZ Pad?

The key is to provide a level area that is well drained and not subject to erosion. The EZ pad is designed to be placed on grass, compacted dirt, sand, gravel, crushed rock and/or decking. The EZ pad help increase insulation to the bottom of the spa and minimise spa vibration.

How do I maintain my EZ Pad?

EZ Pads are chemical and mildew resistant, slip resistant and maintenance free. Easy clean up with mild soap and water

How do I route conduit through my EZ Pad?

You may drill through the pad in order to run the electrical conduit under the pad

What colours are available?

At present, cement grey is the only colour available

What is your warranty.

We are pleased to offer a lifetime guarantee due to the durable nature of the materials used in the manufacture of the EZ Pad.

Can we cut the EZ Pad to make is smaller?

We do not recommend cutting the EZ Pad other than drilling a hole for conduit placement.

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