The fast, efficient and easy way to install your new spa.

EZ Pads offer a superior alternative to concrete as well as other hot tub spa foundation systems. Inexpensive, environmentally green, and easy to assemble, EZ Pads do not void manufacturers’ warranties that specify a “solid, level, surface” for hot tub/spa placement.

EZ Pads do not crack or break down, are resistant to chemicals and offer a lifetime guarantee. Convenience and savings make EZ Pad THE innovative budget-minded solution for all spa and hot tub  installations.

Manufactured to ISO quality specifications


Precision made in the United States of America


Comes with a Lifetime Warranty


Why Use EZ Pads?

The EZ Pad system provides a solid level foundation base that evenly distributes the weight of your spa as often required for warranty compliance and for optimal performance of the jets and filtration system. All that is necessary to install the EZ Pad system is a level welldrained area. No concrete is required! EZ Pads are the perfect base for all spa applications.

The material under the spa pad can be grass, dirt, sand, gravel, crushed rock or granite. Just about anything conveniently available that helps achieve a stable level bed for the pad.

EZ Pad is the fastest and easiest to assemble & install hot tub/spa base foundation and because the EZ Pad is portable and movable, it does not require a permit for placement.

EZ Pads are fast and easy to install.

Surface Preparation:

The EZ Pad modules can be placed on grass, dirt, sand or gravel. For best results, remove sod and prepare a level base. Module can be drilled through for electrical conduit placement. You may use any sized crushed rock up to 25mm and/or pea gravel for levelling.

Tools Needed for Assembly:

Phillips head screwdriver or cordless drill with
Phillips bit.
Spirit Level
2 x 4 length of timber for leveling

Step by step surface preparation

Check the Surface

Use an 8 foot 2” x 4” and a bubble level to check that your installation location is flat and level. Be sure to check both directions, 90 degrees from each other.

Flat Surface

If it is flat and level, you can put your EZ Pad right on top of grass, dirt, or other landscape material.

Download assembly instructions


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